Deck Staining Service

If you are installing a new deck, moving into a new home with a deck, or simply want to make you make your existing deck shine, our deck staining services may be for you! We offer a quality durable exterior stain that will make your deck look its best while also protecting it from the elements including rain, sleet, snow, sun, and even spills! Our deck staining is a wonderful option for homeowners that are installing a new deck and can also breathe new life into existing decks that need a little TLC.

Durable exterior stain

The durable exterior stain services that we offer at Hunter’s Painting Company will not only protect your deck from wear and tear but will also bring out the natural wood grain or texture of your deck. This makes our durable exterior an excellent choice for homeowners that want to preserve the beauty of their new deck (or improve an existing deck) without compromising the natural beauty of the wood used to construct it. Our exterior deck stain is resistant to peeling and will keep your deck looking as good as new for many years to come — no matter what mother nature may throw your way.

Does your deck need stained?

Customers also come to us asking if their deck needs to be stained. If you are wondering if it is time to stain (or restain) your deck, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. The frequency with which you need to stain your deck depends on the type of stain your deck was previously treated with (if it is not brand new).
    • If your deck currently has a transparent stain, it will need to be restained annually
    • If your deck has a solid pigment stain, you most likely will only need to restain every five or so years.
  2. The amount that you use your deck also effects how frequently it needs to be restained.
  3. Typically, if your deck no longer repels water, it is time to restain it.
  4. If your deck is splintering or has cracks, a stain can be one way to extend its life for a few more years

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